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Description: Candidates should be able to configure BIND to function as a caching-only DNS server. This objective includes the ability to managing a running server and configuring logging.

Key Knowledge Areas:

  • BIND 9.x configuration files, terms and utilities
  • Defining the location of the BIND zone files in BIND configuration files
  • Reloading modified configuration and zone files
  • Awareness of dnsmasq, djbdns and PowerDNS as alternate name servers

The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:

  • /etc/named.conf
  • /var/named/
  • /usr/sbin/rndc
  • kill
  • host
  • dig

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The following data is some of the output produced by a program. Which program produced this output? strftime (andquot; Thuandquot;, 1024, andquot;%aandquot;, 0xb7f64380) =4 fwrite (andquot;Thuandquot;, 3, 1, 0xb7f614e0) =1 fputc (\’ \’, 0xb7f614e0) =32 strftime (andquot; Febandquot;, 1024, andquot; %bandquot;, 0xb7f64380) =4 fwrite (andquot;Febandquot;, 3, 1, 0xb7f614e0) =1 fputc (\’ \’, 0xb7f614e0) =32 fwrite (andquot;19andquot;, 2, 1, 0xb7f614e0) =1
A. lsof
B. ltrace
C. nm
D. strace
E. time
117-202 exam Correct Answer: B

Which keys are stored in the authorized_keys file?
Correct Answer: public

Which of the following DNS record types is used to allow users and applications to make reverse DNS queries?
117-202 pdf Correct Answer: C

nfsd, portmap and ________ daemons must be running on an NFS server.
Correct Answer: mountd

What directive can be used in named.conf to restrict zone transfers to the network?
A. allow-transfer {; };
B. allow-transfer { };
C. allow-axfr {; };
D. allow-axfr { };
E. allow-xfer {; };
117-202 vce Correct Answer: A

In a PAM configuration file, which of the following is true about the sufficient control flag in the following line? Auth sufficient
A. This PAM module is called if it is present, otherwise, further modules will be tried.
B. This module is sufficient to determine both success or failure of an authentication attempt and no other modules will need to be tried.
C. Failure of this module will not be considered fatal and, if the module succeeds, success will be returned to the application immediately without considering and further modules.
D. If a previous required module fails, success of this module will be used to check if further modules in the stack should be tried.
Correct Answer: C

A server is being used as a smurf amplifier, whereby it is responding to ICMP Echo-Request packets sent to its broadcast address. To disable this, which command needs to be run?
A. ifconfig eth0 nobroadcast
B. echo andquot;0andquot; andgt; /proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_accept_broadcasts
C. iptables -A INPUT -p icmp -j REJECT
D. echo andquot;1andquot; andgt; /proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_broadcasts
E. echo andquot;1andquot; andgt; /proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_nosmurf
117-202 exam Correct Answer: D

You suspect that you are receiving messages with a forged From: address. What could help you find out where the mail
is originating?
A. Install TCP wrappers, and log all connections on port 25
B. A dd the command \’FR-strlog\’ to the file
C. Add the command \’define (\’LOG_REAL_FROM\’) dnl\’ to the file
D. Run a filter in the aliases file that checks the originating address when mail arrives
E. Look in the ReceiveD. and Message-ID. parts of the mail header
Correct Answer: E

Which of the following sshd configuration settings should be set to no in order to fully disable password based logins? (Choose THREE correct answers.)
A. PAMAuthentication
B. ChallengeResponseAuthentication
D. UsePasswords
E. PasswordAuthentication
117-202 dumps Correct Answer: BCE

Which of the following lines in the sshd configuration file should, if present, be changed in order to increase the security of the server? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
A. Protocol 2, 1
B. PermitEmptyPasswords no
C. Port 22
D. PermitRootLogin yes
E. IgnoreRhosts yes
Correct Answer: AD

Which of the following describes the main purpose of strace?
A. Show the TCP/IP stack data, to help to solve network problems
B. Help to follow the traces of intruders of the internal network
C. Debug programs by displaying the original code of the program. It is a kind of andquot;disassemblerandquot;
D. Reverse engineer applications, resulting in the source code of the program
E. Debug programs by monitoring system calls and reporting them
117-202 pdf Correct Answer: E

Which of the following are predefined targets for netfilter rules? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
Correct Answer: DE

You have installed some new libraries, but these are not available to programs and are not listed by lconfig -p. What file should the path to the libraries be added to, before running ldconfig?
117-202 vce Correct Answer:

The following is an excerpt from the output of tcpdump -nli eth1 \’udp\’: 13:03:17.277327 IP andgt; 43653+ A? (25) 13:03:17.598624 IP andgt; 43653 1/0/0 A (41) Which network service or protocol was used?
Correct Answer: D

Which server program will understand and can reply to NetBIOS name service requests?
A. netbios
B. nmbd
C. smbd
D. winbindd
117-202 exam Correct Answer: B

If the command arp -f is run, which file will be read by default?
A. /etc/hosts
B. /etc/ethers
C. /etc/arp.conf
D. /etc/networks
E. /var/cache/arp
Correct Answer: B

A web server is expected to handle approximately 200 simultaneous requests during normal use with an occasional spike in activity and is performing slowly. Which directives in httpd.conf need to be adjusted?
A. MinSpareServers andamp; MaxSpareServers.
B. MinSpareServers, MaxSpareServers, StartServers andamp; MaxClients.
C. MinServers, MaxServers andamp; MaxClients.
D. MinSpareServers, MaxSpareServers, StartServers, MaxClients andamp; KeepAlive.
117-202 dumps Correct Answer: B

Which Squid configuration directive defines the authentication method to use?
A. auth_param
B. auth_method
C. auth_program
D. auth_mechanism
E. proxy_auth
Correct Answer: A

A network has many network printers connected and they should get their addresses using DHCP. What information from each printer is needed to always assign them the same IP address when dhcpd is used as the DHCP server?
A. MAC address
B. Host name
C. Serial number
D. Factory default IP address
E. Built-in network card type
117-202 pdf Correct Answer: A

An SSH port-forwarded connection to the web server was invoked using the command ssh -TL 80 [email protected] Which TWO of the following are correct?
A. The client can connect to the web server by typing into the browser\’s address bar and the
connection will be encrypted
B. The client can connect to by typing http://localhost/ into the browser\’s address bar and the connection will be encrypted
C. The client can\’t connect to the web server by typing into the browser\’s address bar. This is only possible using http://localhost/
D. It is only possible to port-forward connections to insecure services that provide an interactive shell (like telnet)
E. The client can connect to the web server by typing into the browser\’s address bar and the
connection will not be encrypted
Correct Answer: BE

A user requests a andquot;hiddenandquot; Samba share, named confidential, similar to the Windows Administration
Share. How can this be configured?
A. [confidential] comment = hidden share path = /srv/smb/hidden write list = user create mask = 0700 directory mask =
B. [$confidential] comment = hidden share path = / srv/smb/hidden write list = user create mask = 0700 directory mask =
C. [#confidential] comment = hidden share path = / srv/smb/hidden write list = user create mask = 0700 directory mask
= 0700
D. [%confidential] comment = hidden share path = / srv/smb/hidden write list = user create mask = 0700 directory mask
= 0700
E. [confidential$] comment = hidden share path = / srv/smb/hidden write list = user create mask = 0700 directory mask =
117-202 vce Correct Answer: E

There is a restricted area in an Apache site, which requires users to authenticate against the file /srv/ www/ security/site
passwd. Which command is used to CHANGE the password of existing users, without losing data, when Basic authentication is being used.
A. htpasswd -c /srv/www/security/site passwd user
B. htpasswd /srv/www/security/site-passwd user
C. htpasswd -n /srv/www/security/site-passwd user D. htpasswd -D /srv/www/security/site-passwd user
E. None of the above.
Correct Answer: B

After changing /etc/exports on a server, remote hosts are still unable to mount the exported directories. What should be the next action? Please select TWO correct answers.
A. Restart the NFS daemon
B. Run exportfs -a on the server
C. Run exportfs -f on the server
D. Run showmount -a on the server
E. Restart the remote hosts
117-202 exam Correct Answer: BC

Select the TWO correct statements about the following excerpt from httpd.conf:
andlt;Directory /var/web/dir1>
andlt;Files private.html>
Order allow, deny
Deny from all
A. The configuration will deny access to /var/web/dir1/private.html, /var/web/dirl/subdir2/private.html,
/var/web/dirl/subdir3/private.html and any other instance of private.html found under the /var/web/dir1/directory.
B. The configuration will deny access to /var/web/dir1/private.html, but it will allow access to /var/web/dirl/subdir2/private.htm1, for example.
C. The configuration will allow access to any file named private.html under /var/web/dir1, but it will deny access to any other files
D. The configuration will allow access just to the file named private.html under /var/web/dir1
E. The configuration will allow access to /var/web/private.html, if it exists
Correct Answer: AE

While analyzing a slapd.conf file, an administrator noted that the rootdn and rootpw directives are not present. Where is
the LDAP administrator account defined?
A. It is using the default account admin with the password admin.
B. The account is defined by an ACL in slapd.conf.
C. It is using the default account admin without a password.
D. The account is defined in the file /etc/ldap.secret.
E. The account is defined in the file /etc/ldap.root.conf.
117-202 dumps Correct Answer: B

After setting up Apache to run inside a chroot jail as a non-root user, httpd no longer starts. What is the primary cause of
the problem?
A. Apache needs to start as root to bind to port 80
B. Apache cannot read the main index.html file because it was not moved into the chroot environment
C. A LoadModule line for mod_chroot needs to be added to httpd.conf
D. Apache requires a VirtualHost directive when running from a chroot environment
E. The mod_chroot configuration needs the absolute path to the chroot environment
Correct Answer: A

Why is the root file system mounted read-only during boot and remounted with write permission later on?
A. Because if problems with the root file system are detected during the boot, fsck can be run, without risk of damage.
B. Because this way crackers cannot collect information about root with boot sniffers
C. To avoid writing to the disk, unless the root password is known.
D. To avoid other operating systems overwriting the Linux root partition
E. Because the disk has its own write protection that cannot change by the operating system.
117-202 pdf Correct Answer: A

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