How to Get Critix Certification for Beginners

Citrix Systems, Inc is a U.S. multinational software company that provides server, application and desktop virtualization, networking, software as a service (SaaS) and cloud computing technologies. The company develops remote access products for Microsoft’s operating system. It authorizes the source code from Microsoft and has been working with the company throughout its history. The company made its first public offering for the first time in 1995 and, with few competitors, had a significant increase in revenues between 1995 and 1999. The company acquired Sequoia Software Corp. in 2001 and acquired Expertcity, a supplier of Remote Desktop products in 2003. Between 2005 and 2012, Citrix acquired more than 10 other companies, allowing them to scale to server and desktop virtualization as well as to the cloud, infrastructure, services and SaaS services. In the 2014, Citrix acquired the Framehawk and used its technology to improve the virtual desktop and the delivery of applications on the wireless network.

Citrix is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Santa Clara, California, with subsidiary operations in California and Massachusetts, and additional development centers in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, and the United Kingdom. At present, it provides services to about 330,000 institutions around the world. In 2014, the company ranked No. 741 in Fortune 1000. Critix reported income of 3.28 billion U.S. dollars, 2015 net income of more than 300 million U.S. dollars.

Citrix offers the following featured products:

  • Desktops and apps

Citrix offers a number of products related to desktop and application virtualization. These tools allow access to Windows desktops and applications from any device with any operating system, regardless of the application.

  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Citrix technology enables service providers to provide their customers with desktop, service (DaaS) products, including business applications and desktops.

  • Networking and cloud

The cloud and network related to the Citrix products include the XenServer for server virtualization; The cloud infrastructure is built by the Cloudplatform supported by the Apache Cloudstack; Cloudbridge for WAN optimization; and its NetScaler brand of network devices, application Delivery Controllers (ADC), gateways and Appfirewall.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Citrix Software is a service (SaaS) product focused on collaboration and communication.

Critix has application delivery, application virtualization, mobile applications, cloud products, load balancers and virtualization and other products. Citrix acts as a virtual machine management program for virtual servers. This means that they can add a layer of software on the physical server to install multiple servers/services on top of it, thereby increasing the utilization of physical resources such as CPU, memory, and hard drives.


Citrix XenDesktop is a suite of desktop virtualization products from the software provider Citrix Systems. With bundled components, XenDesktop can provide many different types of virtual desktops. Citrix said the ability to provide desktop flexcast through various means; You must modify the disk image for each method of delivery.

  • Hosted shared desktops (XenApp):

Multiple users can access a single shared Remote Desktop Services (RDS) desktop.

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) desktops:

Each user has his or her own virtual machine that can be run on the server and accessed and controlled using a remote display protocol. Virtual Desktop infrastructure or VDI began to appear in 2006. It means as an alternative to a computational system based on disconnection. In this regard, Citrix has been at the forefront. Since 2011, when Microsoft lost some market share and Citrix rose sharply, the market share of VDI has changed a bit. Based on available data, it is found that VMware leads the market in large enterprises, while small businesses prefer Microsoft Hyper-V. Interestingly, these types of organizations all need Citrix.

  • Streaming disk images:

Create a desktop image on Citrix provisioning server and stream it to the client device as needed. Processing is performed on the client device.

  • Local virtual machine:

The virtual machine is stored and run locally on the client device using a client manager named Xenclient. You can synchronize the image to the main image on the server as needed.

  • On-Demand Apps:

delivers Windows applications from the data center. Does not provide end users with a virtual desktop but allows software applications to be delivered online or offline.

Citrix has a full range of products from Access gateway to Xenapp,xendesktop,xenserver. The Xen app is an application virtualization product. Xen Desktop is a desktop virtualization product, XenServer is hypervisor. With these products, we can virtualize and best utilize the hardware resources set by the environment. Compared with VMware products, Citrix is quite cost-effective.


Citrix Certification

Citrix Certified Associate – Virtualization (CCA-V)
CCA-V validates the skills IT operators and administrators need to manage, maintain, monitor and troubleshoot XenDesktop 7 solutions.
Recommended training: Managing App and Desktop Solutions with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6

Citrix Certified Professional – Virtualization (CCP-V)
CCP-V validates the skills experienced IT solution builders, such as engineers and consultants, need to install, configure and roll out common XenDesktop 7 solutions.
Recommended training: Deploying App and Desktop Solutions with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6

Citrix Certified Expert – Virtualization (CCE-V)
CCE-V validates the skills experienced IT solution designers – such as architects, engineers and consultants – need to assess and design comprehensive XenDesktop 7 solutions.
Recommended training: Designing App and Desktop Solutions with Citrix XenDesktop 7

Citrix Certified Associate – Networking (CCA-N)
Designed for Network Gateway architects, engineers and administrators, the CCA-N certification validates the knowledge and skills needed to administer enterprise environments consisting of NetScaler Gateway for secure remote access to desktops, applications and data.
Recommended training: Implementing NetScaler 10.5 for App and Desktop Solutions

Citrix Certified Professional – Networking (CCP-N)
Designed for Network Engineers, the CCP-N certification validates the knowledge and skills required to implement and manage NetScaler for traffic management, load balancing, content switching and application offloading.
Recommended training: NetScaler 10.5 Essentials and Networking (CNS-205)

Citrix Certified Professional – Mobility (CCP-M)
The CCP-M certification validates the skills required to design, deploy and manage a Citrix XenMobile Enterprise solution that includes mobile device management, mobile application management and secure productivity.
Recommended training: Deploy and Manage Citrix XenMobile Enterprise


At the beginning of 2014, Critix launched seven new solutions based certification to meet the changing needs of IT professionals and organizations. These vouchers are divided into three levels- associate members, professionals, and experts-are the perfect way to prove that you have the real skills and experience to deliver a successful Citrix solution, but you may also gain some financial benefits.

Results from the 2015 IT Skills and Salary Survey conducted by Global Knowledge and Windows IT Pro revealed that the average pay of all seven of the new certifications exceeded $93,000 with the Citrix Certified Professional – Mobility (CCP-M) topping the list at $101,266. While there is no guarantee that a certification equals a bump in pay, it certainly couldn’t hurt. Whether you are seeking your first Citrix certification or looking to obtain an advanced certification, we can help you prepare with authorized Citrix training. We can even help you upgrade your legacy certifications to the latest versions with upgrade recommendations.

I would not say Citrix Certification are the highest paid ones, but without Certification also, you could get around 50–100% Salary hike easily when u have 1 year of Experience. The salary does not depend entirely on the certification, it always depends on your technical skills in memory is not just paper evidence (certification may help you fill your resume space, but can not guarantee a high salary and strong skills). Citrix Administration includes Mastery of 10 Tools including but not limited to XENAPP XENDESKTOP NETSCALAR RECEIVER DIRECTOR and many more Deep concepts of Virtualization, Networks, Cloud Computing, IaaS, DaaS, PaaS.  A person with ability can get about 60% of a raise in the first adjustment period of 9 months experience. I must say that if you have the experience of Citrix tools, knowledge and learning will never stop, frankly speaking, you can get new things to learn every day. In general, Citrix is one of the most paid jobs because it is a cloud-based application, so you can work with it if you are familiar with the technical content, regardless of certification. If there is a job need to be other certified, you can participate in certification and in a day or so to obtain certification. One day, a single skilled person like citrix,vmware,windows is a bit inferior, and a versatile technician will get a higher salary than a single technician.


As a novice, can you learn the Citrix course to find a job? The answer is of course. Being a novice means you have a good chance to enter any information technology department that motivates you, and you have the basic knowledge of the department. Keep in mind, however, that you must follow the standard level of access level and your experience. The industry is divided into 3 common upgrade levels: L1,l2 and L3. Someone was fortunate enough to start his career as a L3 administrator, but his had to make an extra effort to understand the basics. So you have to recognize a fact. You may need to start with the technical support desk or L1. But you can learn a lot by doing this right way of learning. Depending on your performance, you will gradually be promoted to L2 and L3. The first five years of your career are very important and the foundation of your future. From my point of view, your goal should be to get as much skills and knowledge as possible. I suggest that you pursue work in areas of interest to you and work hard in the first few years. Research companies and the work they do and keep them in mind. The work you do also depends on the team and the vertical direction you are working on.

For Citrix Administration, you may need the following knowledge:

  • Windows Server Management.
  • Virtual Machine Management Program (VmWare ESXi or XenServer or Hyper V)
  • Store
  • Networking
  • Host
  • More domain names

If you decide to start your career in Critix, you can choose from the three different subject areas, namely application and Desktop virtualization, networking, enterprise mobility management, and enterprise file synchronization and sharing. Regardless of the actual operational experience in any field, the individual proves that his or her expertise in a particular department is a dynamic and penetrating force. Information technology is a vibrant industry, its firm progress occurs in the blink of an eye, every day and every moment need new learning, let it smart people learn. Job assurance depends on what you learn, and your learning and understanding of the IT department will determine your passion and knowledge of the course you are good at.

In order to find a job opportunity, you may find thousands of positions, including Citrix Company. Some companies are also recruiting new people to provide you with a wide range of opportunities and scope. Pass4itsure offers a wide range of Critix training and certification courses that provide an advantage for personal data. And make you proficient in each of the products. Pass4itsure is a exam training center that provides training on the latest version of Citrix, including Netscaler,xendesktop and xenmobile training anytime, anywhere. Their latest exam questions will help you improve your skills and abilities. They also offer Citrix syllabus and certification, including XenServer training, xenmobile training, Citrix Cloud Platform training, NetScaler training, XenApp training and Xen desktop training.

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