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Which of the Following can be configured in the Master Policy? Choose all that apply.
A. Dual Control
B. One Time Passwords
C. Exclusive Passwords
D. Password Reconciliation
E. Ticketing Integration
F. Required Properties
G. Custom Connection Components
H. Password Aging Rules
Correct Answer: ABGH

In the vault each password is encrypted with a unique encryption key.
Correct Answer: A

PSM captures a record of each command that was issued in SQL Plus.
Correct Answer: A

A vault admin received an email notification that a password verification process has failed. From which service was the
message sent?
A. The PrivateArk Server Service on the Vault.
B. The CyberArk Password Manager service on the Components Server.
C. The CyberArk Event Notification Engine Service on the Vault.
D. The CyberArk Privileged Session Manager service on the Vault.
Correct Answer: C

PSM for SSH (previously known as “PSM SSH Proxy”) supports connections to the following target systems:
A. Windows
C. Oracle
D. All of the above
Correct Answer: D

The PSM Gateway (also known as the HTML5 Gateway) can be installed
A. True
B. False, the PSM Gateway must be installed on a separate Windows machine
Correct Answer: A

What is the purpose of the CyberArk Event Notification Engine service?
A. sends email messages from the vault.
B. sends email messages from the CPM.
C. processes audit reports.
D. makes vault data available to components.
Correct Answer: D

One of your users is receiving the error message “ITATS006E Station is suspended for User jsmith” when attempting to
sign in to the pvwa. Which utility would you use to correct this problem?
A. createcredfile.exe
B. cavaultmanager.exe
C. PrivateArk D. PVWA
Correct Answer: C

Which CyberArk components or products can be used to discover Windows Services or Scheduled Tasks that use
privileged accounts? Select all that apply.
A. Discovery and Audit (DNA)
B. Auto Detection (AD)
C. Export Vault Data (EVD)
D. On Demand Privileges Manager (OPM)
E. Accounts Discovery
Correct Answer: CDE

In accordance with best practice, SSH access is denied for root accounts on UNIX/LINUX systems. What is the BEST
way to allow CPM to manage root accounts?
A. Create a privileged account on the target server. Allow this account the ability to SSH directly from the CPM machine.
Configure this account as the Reconcile account of the target server\\’s root account.
B. Create a non-privileged account on the target server. Allow this account the ability to SSH directly from the CPM
machine. Configure this account as the Logon account of the target server\\’s root account.
C. Configure the Unix system to allow SSH logins.
D. Configure the CPM to allow SSH logins.
Correct Answer: B

When a DR vault server becomes an active vault, it will automatically fail back to the original state once the primary
vault comes back online.
A. True, this is the default behavior.
B. False, this is not possible.
C. True, if the `AllowFailback\\’ setting is set to yes in the PADR.ini file.
D. True, if the `AllowFailback\\’ setting is set to yes in the dbparm.ini file.
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following options is not set in the Master Policy?
A. Password Expiration Time
B. Enabling and Disabling of the Connection Through the PSM
C. Password Complexity
D. The use of “One-Time Passwords”
Correct Answer: C

Time of day of week restrictions on when password changes can occur are configured in ________________.
A. The Master Policy
B. The Platform settings
C. The Safe settings
D. The Account Details
Correct Answer: B

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